Human Resources

An employee is not just a set of archived documents. He/she is a human being with his/her own needs, qualities and particularities.

Our software enables detailed monitoring and rating of employees according to several criteria. You can choose from several pre-set variants (qualification requirements, professional performance, language skills, courses and training completed, medical fitness, etc.) or create your own criteria. Exactly according to your needs.

Example of Nugget SW implementations at our clients.

  • It is possible to work with the current employee database or past employee database, as well as to enter data with a different time validity compared to the period being processed.
  • It is possible to create and archive general documents such as employment contracts, salary assessments, amendments to employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside the employment, invitations, etc., in which the database data can be combined with any text.
  • In addition to a range of personal data, the database also contains an overview of family members, the development of previous employment, data on education and training, leave taken, health and pension data and an overview of the use of work aids, other work equipment and items from the fringe benefit system, and, in the case of selected organizations, also military records.
  • The option to define your own human resources data according to the needs of the organization and work with it further using standard tools (comparisons, selections, analyses, and output reports).
  • Custom code lists can be defined for most database data. Fixed code lists from the software developer are only defined for data used in the payroll processing algorithm that could cause errors in the calculation of wages in relation to the legislation in effect if set incorrectly.
  • The system enables automatic logging of employment development within the organization and automatic tracking of training and competence validity dates, registration, and planning of medical examinations.
  • Outputs can be obtained as standard human resources reports – personal cards, lists, overviews of staff through various methodologies, as well as educational structure, life and work anniversaries, holiday leave, sick days, pension entitlement, automatic creation of bulk reports for health insurance companies, etc.
  • The features included also provide a range of options for various selection and analysis activities based on selected criteria. The results of such activities can be viewed or printed in the form of reports, lists and tables.
  • Using user-defined reports, data output from human resources databases to MS Excel resources can be specified for further analytical processing and data presentation.


A highly reliable payroll and HR system with a thirty-year tradition. It adapts to all your requirements without unnecessary waiting, responds flexibly to legislative news and changes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Nugget SW will not let you down.

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