Integration of Nugget SW with other systems

Nugget SW has a number of features and functionalities that have long placed it at the absolute top of payroll and HR systems. It's not just about the quality of the system as such, but also, for example, the quality and availability of customer service.

This is often appreciated by users far more than the special features within the software. Other important aspects are the possibilities of integrating the system into the company’s ERP or connecting it to other systems used by the company. In all of the above areas, Nugget is exceptional.

The most important accounting systems that Nugget is connected to include:

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Historically, we have also been linked to Movex, J.D. Edwards, S21, BAAN, BPICS, MAPICS, CODA, ABRA, Portolan, Gordic, Flex, Orsoft and dozens of other, often unique solutions.

  • Interconnection of personnel database
  • Import of monthly data
    • and many more.

We also offer specific customized interfaces, for example for the Eskon system the transfer of E-Vacation Slips from the payroll system to the attendance system.

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We are able to interface Nugget SW with almost any HR system for you. We can also prepare completely unique solutions based on the data that the HR system is able to provide.

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Then basically any solution that can use our database (or via MS SQL) as a data source (e.g. data warehouses like Power BI).

The basic Nugget SW solution includes all the formats used by banks operating in the Czech Republic, foreign banks use the standard SEPA format, or we offer custom modifications.

Among other things, Nugget SW can generate files for Sodexo.

In the HR area – in our case especially via the HR module – a large number of documents are generated. The actual solution usually involves printing the document and then securing signatures from all parties. This is the common and most frequent procedure, however, due to the increasing pressure for efficiency and reduced postage costs, digitization is increasingly in demand in this respect.


Imagine suddenly being able to close the majority of documents virtually instantly, the resulting process efficiency will understandably reflect this. That’s why we’re also delighted with our latest integration – this time with Signi, a company that speeds up business with electronic signatures and boasts a number of important references.


The NUGGET SW payroll and HR system offers a range of modules that allow you to playfully handle your entire HR agenda – from payroll and payroll to employee management. The integration of electronic signatures makes a lot of sense, because you can sign the resulting documents in the same place where you created them.

How does the connection with Signi look like in practice?

After purchasing and activating the Signi module in the NUGGET environment, right after logging into the system, a settings tab will appear directly on the main screen, where you need to enter your email and name, as well as the API key you have previously generated on the page:

After selecting the document in the menu, you choose (by clicking on the button) the Signi option and fill in the required fields. It is of course possible to set several signing parties or signing variants here – but most often in order:

Then you simply set the required roles for each party – and thus determine who signs, approves (initials) and so on.

Once the whole process is completed, the document is sent to the selected counterparties for signing and you can see its status in Signi in the overview (sent/signed etc.)

The last step is two-factor authentication, where you verify your identity via SMS and are asked to sign. The document can then be sent, for example, to the counterparties or the responsible person.

If you are interested in this integration and would like to use it in your company, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Modern times call for a modern approach to HR and a modern and attractive benefits offering that meets the current needs of employees. However, the introduction of new benefits can take a lot of time and administration, and with relatively uncertain results – especially in companies with a variety of positions, it is difficult to choose something that suits everyone, or at least the majority.

However, with our latest integration, we can offer you a highly attractive benefit that has become popular across industries in recent years – a payout at any time – very easily and without waiting. Thanks to Advanto’s Pay Anytime add-on module, you can now quickly and easily offer your employees the option to have their earned portion of their salary paid at any time during the month. If needed, they can go from Nugget to the app and simply have the money sent to their account in a few clicks without having to wait for the proper pay date.

Maximum reliable payroll and HR system with 30 years of tradition. Without unnecessary waiting, it adapts to all your requirements, flexibly responds to legislative news and changes at home and in Slovakia and offers top customer support. Nugget SW will not let you down.

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