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Introducing the extension of our IT services.

Nugget Cloud

When using our Hosting Services, the main advantage for you is that you save on hardware – you don’t have to deal with new technology, all your data is safely stored and regularly updated on the provider’s servers.

Another important aspect is saving time. The operation does not strain the capacity of your IT technicians, as the care of the program goes entirely to the service provider, who provides both regular maintenance and emergency service. Your IT technicians can then concentrate on other work. The way it works for us is that our people are available around the clock. In the event of a fault on the system, even at night or on the weekend, you simply contact our service team and they start working on the repair immediately. You don’t have to worry about a thing and you can rely on all your HR and payroll data in Nugget to be up-to-date, accessible and safe at all times.


Application support

Application support consists of providing technical support for Nugget software. As with hosting services, Nugget SW’s application support means that you don’t put a strain on your IT technicians’ resources, because we take care of the program. Your IT technicians can then focus on other work.

This service includes:

  • Uploading new versions of Nugget SW in coordination with the HR department
  • Checking and setting up e-sick leave
  • Technical assistance with the operation of the Insolvency Register (if involved)
  • Uploading new certificates to payroll accountants’ client stations
  • Directly resolving non-standard conditions in the operation of the application (outages, etc.)


Nugget SW Backup

This module brings absolute security, peace of mind and convenience by backing up your data daily in the Nugget Cloud. Nugget SW Backup for the Client means that there will always be an immune backup that will protect you especially from influences such as ransomware, fire, hack, human failure, etc. This is because our new module is completely independent of the Client’s IT. RSM Nugget SW guarantees that in the event of a failure of the Client’s on-premise environment, it will deploy and set up Nugget SW in the cloud environment and set up Nugget SW according to the last backup, within 4 hours of the incident being reported. Thus, in case of emergency, you work “immediately” in the cloud and after the situation is resolved, you can switch again to the on-premise solution.

The module delivers:

  • Managed backup on premise solution
  • 1TB of secure cloud storage
  • Managed backup (SOC, SIEM)
  • Optional retention up to 10 years
  • End to End encryption
  • Dissaster recovery procedure within 4 hours (within standard business hours)


Nugget SW Secure Connect (for on-premise solutions)

This is an additional security layer that increases the security of server data access by providing detailed audit and forensic logging. The module also provides the ability to integrate into a customer’s internal surveillance systems or security monitoring via a shared SOC.

The module delivers:

  • A higher form of server access security
  • Creation of forensic and audit communication logs
  • The possibility of integration into the client’s SIEM/EM
  • Possibility of security monitoring in a shared SOC
  • Significantly simplifies connection management without the need for complicated vpn settings


Nugget SW Monitor

Premium enhancements to Nugget SW support. Continuous operational and security monitoring and the ability to proactively respond to unexpected operational conditions of on-premise installations is added to standard support. It monitors, tests, and evaluates server load, allowing potential operational issues to be identified in advance. The service therefore includes complete 24/7 monitoring of the server part and, in the event of identification of an unexpected operational condition, enables Nugget SW support staff to respond to the situation within the contractually defined timeframes for troubleshooting.

The module provides:

  • Operational and security monitoring
  • Patch management and prophylaxis
  • 24/7 monitoring of operational parameters
  • Managed backup (to the NuggetSW Backup module)
  • Managed security (via SOC)

Our other solutions

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Get a Nugget SW license in your possession and use it for as long as you need it. By purchasing, you get all the benefits of the software, including regular legal and payroll updates - if related legislation changes, the software will automatically adapt to the new developments.

Rent a license

Don't want to or can't make a one-off investment in purchasing software? Rent a license for Nugget software and enjoy all its benefits, including regular legal and payroll updates.

Hosting services

With our software you don't have to worry about hardware or "storage space", you can make do with your own computers. Everything else is handled by us. Your data will be securely stored, managed and updated on our cloud servers. In the event of any glitches, we will promptly arrange for remediation.

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