HR Portal Modules

One of the great advantages of the HR Portal is its modularity. In the primary setup, you will find several basic modules, and you can choose additional ones based on the needs and preferences of your company.


The basic setup of the HR Portal includes the following modules:



The homepage displays windows containing:

  • Early warning system (e.g., end of probation period, contract termination, expiration of permissions, health check-ups, trainings, etc.)
  • Messages from the administrator
  • Overview of absence approval requests (if the modules are part of the implementation)
  • Overview of travel orders (if the modules are part of the implementation)

Employee Personal Folder

The Personal Folder module allows employees to access their personal data and the personal data of their subordinates. As part of advanced settings, you can define which specific personal information about subordinates managers will have access to (excluding those subject to legislative restrictions). The module enables the following:

  • Employees can view their personal data and update selected information.
  • Access to data of subordinate employees.
  • Displaying and downloading electronic pay slips.
  • Access to documents created and archived in the Nugget SW personnel system (such as employment contracts, salary statements, internal regulations, etc.) and allowing employees to confirm their receipt.



Thanks to the additional Absences module, employees can easily report their absences (such as vacations, sick leave, training, etc.), and managers can promptly approve them. All absences are automatically recorded in the payroll accounting system Nugget SW and reflected in the respective employees’ time off balance.



The optional Bonuses module is available to employees in managerial positions and allows entering up to three bonus components, including setting the months in which the bonus can be paid out. Once approved, the bonuses are automatically included in the payroll.

If your organization has a more comprehensive approach to bonuses, we are prepared to accommodate this. The basic Bonuses module can be expanded and customized to meet each customer’s needs – for example, by adding an evaluation component or determining the bonus calculation based on KPIs, and more.


Travel Orders

The optional Travel Orders module allows employees to easily request domestic and international business trips, including requesting advance payment of expenses. The request form is interactive and highly intuitive. Managers can immediately approve the trip in their interface, and thanks to integration with the accounting department, the request for advance payment is sent directly to the accounting office (if requested by the employee) and can be promptly disbursed to the employee in cash or by bank transfer.


The optional Requests module offers a clear overview and approval process for various types of requests, tailored to your needs. In the basic solution, all employees across the company can submit requests, and you can individually customize the forms and the number of approval stages for each request.

Employee Onboarding Questionnaire

The optional Employee Onboarding Questionnaire module is an invaluable tool for onboarding new employees. You can provide the questionnaire to future employees even before they sign their employment contract and ask them to fill in the required information, which will be automatically used in preparing their employee card. After joining the company, the new employee will have a complete profile with all the features of the Portal. You can also provide access to the module to third parties, such as external agencies or consultants outside your organization, who can submit questionnaires on your behalf.



The Reports module is a handy tool for managers who do not have or do not need direct access to the Nugget SW. Depending on the assigned permissions, you can view and download any report directly in the HR Portal in Excel format, which can be customized in the Nugget SW for this purpose.




The HR Portal allows easy integration with the standalone web application Payminator, which fully handles the annual settlement and tax deductions for you. Employees will no longer need to fill out paper forms such as “Declaration of Income Tax from Dependent Activity” and “Request for Annual Settlement of Advances and Tax Benefits”. They can simply use an intuitive and interactive form that takes only a few minutes to complete. Managing the application is equally convenient and straightforward for the relevant payroll accountants and HR personnel.


A maximum reliable payroll and HR system with a 30-year tradition. It adapts to all your requirements without unnecessary waiting, responds flexibly to legislative innovations and changes at home and in Slovakia and offers top customer support. Nugget SW will not let you down.

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