HR Portal

Move your HR agenda online and simplify the work with HR data for you and your employees. Save valuable time and paperwork.

HR Portal is a modern and user-friendly program that will give your employees convenient access to their HR data whenever they need it. It offers managers a clear interface to work with their subordinates’ data and events. All this simply online, from your computer or mobile.

Why choose our Portal?

  • Demonstrable savings in corporate costs and reduced paperwork and associated physical filing.
  • Growth in efficiency and elimination of errors and loss of important documents.
  • Comprehensive integration with the Nugget SW payroll and HR system
  • Easily share HR information across the business without unnecessary and lengthy searches.
  • Maximum flexibility through a choice of modules and individual customisation, including customisation to company graphics.
  • A convenient solution for small companies with a few employees and large corporations with hundreds of people – check out our references.
  • Secure interface for online HR solutions. Fast, flexible, easy, from anywhere – from a computer in the office, from a laptop at home in the kitchen and from a mobile phone on the go.
  • Simple and intuitive to use for everyone. On desktop and mobile.
  • Clearly record and manage the “cycle/flow” of an employee through the company – from onboarding to moving across positions to eventual termination.
  • It is a user-friendly and GDPR secure solution where important data is no longer sent via email but stored in a protected environment.

See for yourself and get to know the HR Portal (video in Czech language):

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Customized to your needs

Purchase a license

Get a Nugget SW license in your possession and use it for as long as you need it. By purchasing, you get all the benefits of the software, including regular legal and payroll updates - if related legislation changes, the software will automatically adapt to the new developments.

Rent a license

Don't want to or can't make a one-off investment in purchasing software? Rent a license for Nugget software and enjoy all its benefits, including regular legal and payroll updates.

Hosting services

With our software you don't have to worry about hardware or "storage space", you can make do with your own computers. Everything else is handled by us. Your data will be securely stored, managed and updated on our cloud servers. In the event of any glitches, we will promptly arrange for remediation.

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