Human Resources Management

Maintaining and managing an organizational structure can sometimes be a challenge.

Our software provides comprehensive job evaluation options. It will take care of a well-arranged catalogue of jobs and defined working positions down to the smallest detail (description and requirements of individual work positions, work aids, etc.). It also addresses the costs of training employees or the benefits.

  • The core of the LZ/CS module solution is the creation and maintenance of an organizational schema. The basic building block of an organizational schema is a work position that has certain relationships and attributes defined. The basic relationships include a link to the job catalogue (which includes job descriptions and requirements related to specific jobs), as well as various forms of filling the positions in the employee database (which contains data on employees). Attributes related to a job position are either acquired through such relationships (requirements from job data, the real situation from employee data) or specific requirements can be defined directly for the job in question. The system enables the defining of several parallel organizational schemas and manages the staffing of the scheme automatically according to the facts set in the human resources database.
  • This concept makes it possible to compare the planned and actual employee qualifications at any moment for both the position the employee is assigned to and the planned position. Something closely related to this is the planning of reserves and procedures, where support is provided for the selection and preparation of human resources reserves, career modelling of selected employees and their evaluation and testing according to selected criteria.
  • The system prepares a training plan based on a selection of suitable courses and training for the employee by evaluating the disparities between the planned and actual qualification requirements. Following the onboarding of the employee, the system tracks the progress and completion of courses and then automatically updates the qualifications of the employee. All information on the costs of improving the employee’s qualifications is also processed here for assessment according to the required criteria.
  • The solution also includes managing the database of job candidates for the organization. You can search for suitable candidates for the required jobs in a continuously updated database based on specified criteria and evaluate their qualifications and other prerequisites for getting a job position within the organization.
  • At the same time, it is possible to keep records of recruitment events and subsequently evaluate them in terms of efficiency (candidates obtained, employees recruited) and cost.
  • In the area of employee evaluation, the system offers additional resources for the planning and realization of both periodic and one-off evaluation events. The evaluation event is based on the evaluation of defined criteria (including multi-criteria qualification), evaluation of the performance of work activities and employee activities and verbal evaluation. When defining the evaluation event, it is possible to determine the required or planned values of meeting the criteria by the employee, with the possibility of evaluating the deviations of both planned and actual values. An individualized development plan can be created for the employee with a direct link to the training plan and with an option to evaluate the plan at the end of the period being evaluated.
  • The workplace equipment area provides tools for monitoring employee (jobs, job positions) equipment requirements regarding work aids and other work equipment. From the point of view of the actual use of work aids, it is then possible to monitor the allocation of individual work resources to employees, including detailed information on the time and validity of such use, costs incurred and information on the resource itself. For selected types of equipment (cars, IT equipment, phones, cards), it is possible to use a resource catalogue.

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