Human resources management

Maintaining and managing an organisational structure is sometimes not easy.

Our software offers a wide range of features to make the day-to-day management of your company’s human resources easier. You can choose from two options to suit your company’s needs – the complete HRM module is ideal for companies with a large number of employees, while the LITE version brings a simplified form of the program. From the four separately functioning parts, you can choose exactly which ones you will use.

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The HRM module offers a comprehensive and integrated solution for human resources processes within the company, focusing particularly on task planning and evaluation. The main element of this solution is the analysis and description of job positions, including their integration into the organizational structure of the company. For each of these job positions, specific requirements and criteria are defined.

This definition is followed by further steps that encompass training and development planning and execution for employees, ensuring legal obligations in the field of workplace safety and regular medical check-ups, providing necessary work equipment, and meeting other employee requirements. The HRM module also serves recruitment of new employees and establishes processes for performance evaluation.

  • The core of the LZ/CS module is the creation and maintenance of the organisation chart. The basic building block of an organisation chart is a position, which has certain links and attributes defined. The basic links include a link to the job catalogue (containing job descriptions and job requirements) and, through various forms of position occupation, to the employee database (containing employee data). Attributes related to the position are either taken from the links (from job requirements, from employee data the fact) or specific requirements can be defined directly for the position. The system allows the definition of multiple parallel organisation charts and automatically manages the occupation of the chart by employees according to the facts provided in the personnel database.
  • Within the module, you can at any time compare the planned and actual qualification requirements of an employee for both the position they are currently in and the planned position. Closely related to this is the planning of reserves and procedures – the system will provide you with support for the selection and preparation of staff reserves, modelling the career of selected employees, their evaluation and testing according to selected criteria.
  • The system prepares a training plan based on the selection of suitable courses and training for employees by evaluating the disparity between planned and actual qualification requirements. At the same time, it tracks the progress and completion of courses and automatically updates the qualifications achieved by employees. The system also includes all information on the cost of staff upskilling, for assessment from the required perspectives.
  • The system also handles the database of job applicants in the organisation. In the continuously updated database, you can search for suitable candidates for the required positions according to the selected criteria, evaluate their qualifications and other prerequisites for the performance of a given position. You can also record recruitment actions and subsequently evaluate them in terms of effectiveness (candidates recruited, employees hired) and cost-effectiveness.
  • In the area of employee evaluation, the system offers the means to plan and implement periodic and one-off evaluation events. The evaluation event takes the form of an evaluation of defined evaluation criteria (including multi-criteria evaluation), an evaluation of the performance of the employee’s work activities and activities and a verbal evaluation. When defining the evaluation action, it is possible to define the desired or planned values of the employee’s performance of the criteria, with the possibility of evaluating deviations between the planned and actual values. It is possible to create an individualised development plan for the employee with a direct link to the training plan and the possibility of evaluating the plan at the end of the evaluation period.
  • The job equipment area provides you with tools to monitor the requirements for equipping employees (jobs, job positions) with work tools and other work equipment. You can track the allocation of each piece of equipment to employees on an ongoing basis, including detailed information on the time and validity of the allocation, costs incurred and information about the equipment itself. You can use the catalogue for selected types of equipment (cars, computer equipment, telephone devices, cards).

The complete HRM module is a comprehensive and robust solution, especially suitable for larger companies with a higher number of employees. However, we also offer an effective solution for smaller companies that would not use the entire program – the LITE version.

The simplified version of the program delivers the most used functionalities in four separately functioning units. You simply choose and implement exactly the ones you need.

You can purchase the HRM LITE modules in the following ranges:

Systemization and job description

The module enables the processing of job descriptions and their hierarchical integration into the organizational structure. The content of the job description is a description of work activities and responsibilities in free text and on the basis of a defined catalogue of work activities, description of qualification requirements, risk factors and other factors and requirements affecting the work of the employee in the job position.

The job description can be further refined at the level of a specific job in the organizational structure, the structure can be used to define the superordination and subordination of the assigned employees, it is possible to print the job description form or export the data for graphical presentation in MS Visio.

In combination with the Training module, it is possible to process the comparison of qualifications with the output to the training plan.

In combination with the Equipment/Working aids module, job equipment requirements can be defined.


The module allows you to define a training plan and then create and operate training events/courses. It thus extends the possibilities of the training records in the basic records of the HR module to include the bulk entry of training courses and the planning, monitoring and evaluation of training requirements.

Combined with the Systemization and Job Descriptions module, it enables the generation of a training plan based on a comparison of qualification requirements.

Equipment/working aids

The module allows tracking of the use of work equipment – typically work, safety and protective equipment, but other types of entitlements such as benefits can also be defined.

The basis of the module is the definition of an equipment catalogue, whereby it is possible to define user permissions for types of equipment and thus divide the records between different processors.

For allocated equipment, it is possible to monitor the expiry of the allocation and the actual end of the use of the equipment.

In combination with the Systemisation and Job Description module, it is possible to define the equipment usage entitlements of jobs and compare the entitlement and usage status of employees.


The module adds to the personnel records the possibility to record employee activities – term activities with the possibility of free text description and the possibility of performance evaluation.

In combination with the Systemization and job description module, it is possible to create an activity plan – sequences of activities linked to a job or position, which can be used to assign a comprehensive package of activities to an employee, for example, as part of onboarding.

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