Case studies

See how the implementation went for our biggest clients.


CPI Property Group (“CPI”) is a leading Czech real estate group engaged in property development, investment and management. The Group has been active on the Czech and Slovak markets since 1992 and develops its activities in the field of residential properties, office buildings, retail, hotels and logistics centres.

Number of employees: 1 700

In September 2021, CPI asked us for a personal meeting and demonstration of our HR Portal solution. As part of the requirement to digitalize processes across the Group, CPI’s management was also looking for a suitable solution for HR management. Their idea included a simple yet comprehensive system that could be accessed from a mobile phone and would enable electronic management of most internal HR processes.

The existing system did not provide the CPI Group with sufficient flexibility and development in the area of digitalization. We presented a comprehensive solution to the company’s management in the form of the HR Portal, an online application for a complete solution to the issues of annual settlements and monthly tax rebates (Payminator) and the payroll and HR system Nugget SW. CPI was impressed with our proposed solution and together we defined further sub-requirements for additional individual development.

In the first phase, we set up a working group. For our part, it consisted of a project manager, an implementation manager, a team of consultants, a software architect and a team of developers. On CPI’s side, the project was actively participated in by the expert guarantors of the individual solution areas and the project manager. Together, we prepared and agreed on a schedule for the implementation and setup of the system, as well as a schedule for the development of individual modifications.


First contact: September 2021
Start of implementation: October 2021
Launch: January 2022

System Modifications:

  • Phase 1 – Implementation November 2021 – February 2022
  • Phase 2 – implementation May 2022 – December 2022

What does Jitka Mácová, HR and Operation Director of CPI PG, think about the implementation of the project?
,,We have had the Nugget SW system in our company for a relatively short period of time, and although the implementation was challenging due to the time pressure and custom requirements, thanks to the team of colleagues from RSM we managed everything within the required timeframe. We especially appreciate the excellent user support and willingness to further develop the system according to our needs and requirements. The system is very positively evaluated not only by our main users, HR staff, but especially by our employees, who thanks to this system have all the information in one place and always available. The portal is very user-friendly and clear and can be used by everyone. However, the biggest benefit with the arrival of this Nugget SW system is the excellent communication and support from RSM colleagues who are always ready to help or advise in all situations. Last but not least, it is also a number of functionalities that the system offers and which are a great help in processing demanding HR and payroll agenda. Thanks to them, we have saved considerable payroll resources.”

About Penta Hospitals:

Penta Hospitals is building a robust network of healthcare facilities to provide comprehensive care across disciplines. It covers healthcare from outpatient specialists through acute care to follow-up and long-term care. It owns or operates five acute care hospitals, two aftercare hospitals, its own network of outpatient facilities and dozens of ALZHEIMER HOME residential social service facilities.

With a total of 31 specialized ALZHEIMER HOME facilities, Penta Hospitals is the largest private provider of residential social services in the country. The company is part of the multinational healthcare group Penta Hospitals International, one of the largest healthcare providers in Central Europe.

In January 2022, Penta Hospitals asked us to propose a solution to its payroll and HR issues in connection with the acquisition of twelve Alzheimercenters from Creditas, an investment company that used our Nugget SW. Despite the fact that the Penta group had been working in a different software environment until then, it decided to work with us. The decisive factors for the company’s management were not only our experience in the field of social services, transparent licensing and pricing policy, a plan for further development of the system, but last but not least the ability to adapt the program to their needs.

The project, which started in February 2022, included linking the systems with accounting, attendance systems, data warehouses and ERP, as well as specific modifications to Nugget SW according to Penta Hospitals’ needs. The entire implementation process was divided into seven separate parts, some of which ran concurrently and others directly related to each other.

A separate chapter was the transfer of data from the individual centres. This was a rather demanding process, as the structure and processing logic of the individual centres included in the new organisation was changing. Moreover, the project did not only include the actual transfer of data, but also their subsequent control, setting up user permissions, transferring employees between the individual centres, ensuring registration and deregistration for health insurance companies, etc. The transfer was therefore carried out in four waves.

Thanks to precise coordination, detailed planning and excellent cooperation between the teams of both parties, we successfully completed the project of integrating Alzheimercenter into Penta Hospitals within the predetermined deadline. Based on this experience, the management of Penta Hospitals then decided in November 2022 to transfer other Penta Hospitals and Hospital Vršovice centres to our payroll and HR system Nugget SW.


First contact: january 2022
Start of implementation: February 2022
Launch of new centres and Vršovice Hospital in Nugget SW: January 2023
Number of licenses: 2 700

Implementation phase:
  • February 2022: installation of Nugget SW
  • February-March 2022: first phase of Nugget SW modifications
  • March-July 2022: data transfer of individual centres
  • December 2022: implementation of other Alzheimercenters and Vršovice Hospital
  • December 2022-March 2023: implementation of modifications at Vršovice Hospital

Hana Suchá, Project Coordinator and Manager of the Payroll Services Center of Penta Hospitals Group, says about the project implementation:
“In our company we have been working with Nugget SW for only a short time, but the results are already positive. The implementation process was challenging for the whole team, but thanks to careful preparation of the whole process and a great team of professionals from RSM, the whole project was completed on time. We appreciate and value especially the directness of communication, the daily user support, but most importantly the possibility to develop and modify the system according to our individual needs and requirements. Both our HR department and our employees evaluate the system positively. For them, it is valuable to have all relevant information together and available at any time. The biggest benefit is undoubtedly the professional support from the RSM team, which is always there to support us in the process of processing the demanding HR and payroll agenda. “