Payroll Processing

We understand numbers and payslips like few others. Let our program do your work for you. Accurately, well arranged, reliably.

Do not deal with issues, rely on us. A professional payroll software not only makes it easy to enter and update data on employees and their deductions and calculate wages, insurance, contributions and sickness benefits, but also creates electronic reports for the state administration and a lot more. In addition, a simple/smart individual adjustment system will relieve you of unnecessary manual input and lengthy counting/calculations.

Example of Nugget SW implementations at our clients.

  • easy and complete entry of data on employees and their deductions
  • the option to edit data in bulk
  • entering unworked time using from-to data
  • simple sick leave and maternity leave entry
  • automatic electronic sick note downloading using certificates or a data box
  • automatic transition from maternity leave to parental leave
  • the option to calculate attendance automatically according to the available working time after entering the unworked time
  • the option to set the amount of extra pay rates
  • the option to set the eligibility for one-off wages for employment legal relations
  • monitoring of multiple concurrent employment relationships and complete processing of all types of payroll
  • accurate and reliable calculations and accurate calculation of all taxes and benefits for all groups of employees
  • the calculation and establishment of assessment bases for health insurance and average earnings for labour law compensation according to the legislation in force and the calculation of health insurance and social security contributions
  • supplementary pension insurance
  • capital life insurance
  • automatic long-term monitoring and compensation for incapacity for work
  • calculation of annual income tax settlement
  • the option to repeat all calculations (recalculation)
  • minimum salary arrangements
  • calculation of the entitlement to annual leave and its reduction according to the Labour Code
  • automatic processing of deductions in the order according to law
  • the reduction of receivables until the last instalment
  • all support for the payment of wages in cash or via a budget account or regular account or by postal order
  • printing or viewing all required output reports and sets
  • entering long-term reports (e.g. payslips, staff numbers) for any period
  • the creation of reports for all health insurance companies
  • automatic calculation of employee accident insurance per organization
  • printing payment orders in bulk or creating a file for electronic transfer to a bank or savings bank
  • monitoring of labour costs by centre or order – an employee can work at more centres with different tariffs during the month
  • transfer to accounting according to a user-defined accounting classification
  • creating up to 999 schedules for various types of shifts with the option of a temporary change of schedule
  • the option to manage decentralized attendance data
  • creating wage statistics with the option of using a flexible table form (processed either in aggregation per organizational unit or in detail per individual employee; wage statistics also allow time sets to be created – a comparison of wage costs between specified time periods)
  • creating data sets for public administration portals, automatic sending of submissions to the CSSA using certificates or a data box
  • online connection to the insolvency register
  • the option to send payslips by email
  • the option to print payslips into a form for pressure sealing (suitable for sending payslips directly by post)
  • archiving of any employee documents.

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