Make it easier for you and your employees to work with human resources data and take control over events/dates.

The portal connects employees to the human resources system and offers/provides the approval of absences, work with human resources data and notification of events. You can use it to record/write evaluations and view data, and it will also provide tracking, for example, for the approaching expiry dates of examinations or training. Last but not least, it is also connected to the payroll module and allows you to view electronic payslips.

We will also be happy to provide you with an individual, tailor-made solution. Among other things, for our customers, we have developed:

  • decentralized reporting of work hours on orders
  • employee evaluation linked to remuneration
  • processing of travel expense reports

We are working on:

  • training requests
  • requests for the allocation of work aids
  • requests for the use of benefits
  • the option for employees to view their own human resources/personal data
  • the option for managers to view the human resources data of their subordinates
  • automatic tracking and notification of events – known as the early warning system (e.g. end of the probation period, termination of employment, expiry of authorization, medical examination, training, etc.)
  • approvals of absences (leave, sick leave, etc.) which will subsequently be reflected directly in the employee’s available working time
  • To improve the efficiency of using the payroll agenda, we have developed a feature for processing approvals of absences (leave, sick leave, etc.). The employee has the option to submit a request for approval of an absence, which will be received automatically by their manager in their respective folder in the employee portal. They have the option to either approve or reject the absence, with an option to add a comment. Approved absences are then automatically transferred to the payroll accountant’s payroll module. The accountant can then either take them over and let them be incorporated automatically into the employee’s available working hours or make modifications. All communication in the employee portal is accompanied by automatically generated notification emails.
  • Electronic payslips – creating, viewing, archiving
  • Registration for training and its approval
  • For planning training, a feature for approving requests for inclusions into the training plan has been developed. In the employee portal, the employees can access a range of available courses and training from selected training organizations. They can also access an evaluation detailing how they meet their qualification requirements. On this basis, they can apply to be included in a selected course and, following the electronic approval of the request (manager, HR department), their request is included in the training organization’s schedule.
  • User-defined reports – reporting
  • In the employee portal, managers can access reports (user-defined reports, wage statistics), allowing them to get an overview of the situation within the departments they manage.

The module is automatically set up in such a way that the employees only have access to their own data, while the managers can access the data of their subordinates. If needed, the permissions to use the individual features of the module can be set on a per-user basis.

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