Labor Law Consultation

Do you not have lawyers in your company who specialize in labor law issues, are your lawyers too busy, or do you just need expert consultation in a specific matter?

Whether it is the regular preparation or modification of documents for employees to comply with legislative requirements and corporate demands, or a one-time issue such as a dispute with a former employee, we have a solution for you! In collaboration with the law firm of JUDr. Kristýna Zavadilová, we offer you comprehensive labor law advisory services. Kristýna Zavadilová has been dealing with labor law issues for over ten years and you can turn to her in the following areas:

  • Preparation, modification, and assessment of all types of labor law documents, such as employment contracts, agreements, addendums, wage settlements, and others
  • Adjustment of the position of statutory bodies, managerial contracts, setting of remuneration through employee shares and options
  • Termination of labor law relationships, both individual and mass layoffs
  • Setting relationships with employee inventions or inventions, including software, protection of know-how
  • Advisory on employing foreigners, secondment of employees abroad, preparation and revision of contractual documents, and consultation regarding obligations related to employee secondment
  • Preparation of internal regulations, guidelines, collective agreements, and ethical codes, and their revision
  • GDPR issues
  • Advisory and analysis in the field of labor law, answering questions related to labor law issues
  • Representation in labor law disputes, such as invalid termination of employment, severance pay, unpaid wages, liability for damages
  • Work schedule arrangement, adjustment of working conditions
  • Employee responsibility

The hourly rate for advisory services is 2,500 CZK.

Do you feel that advice in the field of labor law would be useful to you in the future? In order to expedite our collaboration in this area, we are attaching an addendum to the contract. If you are interested, please send the signed document back to us at the address of Marta Rosová. Of course, we can also sign the addendum at any time in the future when you actually need the first consultation.

You can send your questions or consultation requests to us via the hotline. I am available to assist you with any additional inquiries at any time.

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