Nugget SW

It adapts to all your requirements without unnecessary waiting, responds flexibly to legislative news and changes in Slovakia and offers top customer support. Nugget SW will not let you down.

Since 1992, we have been specialising in the development and delivery of our own software for payroll processing, HR and human resources management.

Our team consists of experienced developers, consultants, payroll accountants and HR specialists. We emphasize individual customer and user care. We provide extensive support, and we always handle specific situations directly and with a personal touch.

We meet the standards of ISAE 3402 (the European equivalent of the U.S.A. SAS70 standard) and ISO27001. We comply with our obligations under the EU data protection regulation known as GDPR.

As of 25 July 2019, 100% of Nugget SW, now RSM Payroll Solutions CZ, has been acquired by RSM CZ. This has significantly strengthened the company in the area of comprehensive payroll consulting.

Mzdový systém NUGGET SW - kontakty

Individual approach

Life can be unpredictable. Thanks to automation, our software can handle any change life throws at it.

Speed of implementation

No later than six weeks from the date of ordering, you will be counted from the beginning.


The system does not allow unauthorized access or interference with the data base. Under no circumstances.

History and future

We have 30 years of experience with the largest companies across industries. We are expanding and adding to our knowledge and skills every day.


In the area of legal regulations, we react quickly to changes in Czech and Slovak legislation (faster than you could say "wages").

Background, responsibility, stability, security

We have deep roots and a solid foundation. Our customers know they can always rely on us.

Customized to your needs

Purchase a license

Get a Nugget SW license in your possession and use it for as long as you need it. By purchasing, you get all the benefits of the software, including regular legal and payroll updates - if related legislation changes, the software will automatically adapt to the new developments.

Rent a license

Don't want to or can't make a one-off investment in purchasing software? Rent a license for Nugget software and enjoy all its benefits, including regular legal and payroll updates.

Hosting services

With our software you don't have to worry about hardware or "storage space", you can make do with your own computers. Everything else is handled by us. Your data will be securely stored, managed and updated on our cloud servers. In the event of any glitches, we will promptly arrange for remediation.

Additional services

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Our system is reliable and straightforward, but everyone needs advice from time to time. The experts on the customer service line are available every day from 8am to 4pm.


We will prepare and provide you with all training related to installation, operation and other specifics of our system. Individually, flexibly, clearly.


In case of failure of the current payroll accountant, we will also jump into the payroll in progress and complete its processing.

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