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  • Phone: (+420) 226 219 000

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    Marta Rosová

    Marta Rosová

    Head of Software division Nugget
    +420 607 085 708

    Marta is the “brains” of the Nugget team. She has years of experience in the RSM parent company and at the same time knows very well how to successfully manage a large software project. She makes sure everything in Nugget runs smoothly – from the development of new software features to a functional team and customer hotline, to the complete satisfaction of all clients, which she cares about deeply. Should you, as our client, require a solution to any issue, feel free to contact her.

    Jiří Šrámek

    Jiří Šrámek

    Sales Department
    +420 777 566 672

    Jirka is the “fresh blood” of the team and is mainly in charge of new people interested in our software. In addition to being a salesman, he also has extensive teaching experience and has worked in human resources. If you decide to work with us, Jirka will come to you and discuss all the essentials with you, including the smallest of details, and will make sure everything proceeds according to your full satisfaction.

    Pavel Stárek

    Pavel Stárek

    Sales Department
    +420 602 311 097

    Pavel has been with Nugget since the very beginning, as he is a founding member of the company. Thanks to his many years of experience, he knows all our current clients very well and makes sure they are always as satisfied as possible with our solution. If, once you are working with us, you decide you need any modifications or extensions of service, Pavel is the right man for you.

    About us​

    We have been working on payroll processing and payroll processing systems every day for almost 30 years. And we still enjoy it

    Our company was founded in 1992. We specialize in the development and delivery of our own software for payroll processing, personnel management and human resource management.

    Our team consists of experienced developers, consultants, payroll accountants and HR professionals. We emphasize individual customer and user care. We provide extensive support and always address specific situations directly, with a personal approach. 

    Since the company was founded, versions for IBM AS/400 under OS/400 and NUGGET/PC under MS DOS have been available. Most customers have gradually upgraded to the current version of the Client/Server under Windows.

    We meet the ISAE 3402 standards (the European equivalent of the SAS70 US standard), and the ISO27001 standard. We adhere to our obligations under the EU Data Protection Regulation known as GDPR.

    As of 25 July 2019, a 100% stake in Nugget SW, now RSM Payroll Solutions CZ, was acquired by RSM CZ. As a result, the company has significantly strengthened its position in the area of comprehensive payroll consulting.

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