Have you suddenly found yourself without a “payroll” and feel like you’re sinking? We’ll throw you a “lifesaver”.

We have a solution for unexpected situations when you need quick assistance in payroll accounting, for example, when your payroll accountant falls ill and there’s a risk that your employees won’t receive their salaries on time.

If something like this happens, we offer you a helping hand in the form of temporarily taking over payroll calculations. With our experienced and highly professional team, you can be sure that everything will be processed accurately, in accordance with your documents and the current Czech or Slovak legislation. Once your accounting team is complete/fully operational again, we will hand over the entire agenda back to you.

We have been providing payroll outsourcing in Nugget for 15 years, processing around 10,000 payments per month for 40 companies across industries. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help you with your payroll agenda too.