Entering Future Absence End Dates – Date Window

In the Nugget system, a new feature allows you to end absences that extend into the following accounting period. This can be done by entering the end date of the next period in the Date Window data, under the fields “End of Incapacity” (Likvidace OD) and “Able to Work Again” (Schopen OD).

This enhancement applies to all absences entered through the Date Window. Previously, it was only possible to enter future end dates for certain types of absences, such as C – unpaid leave, 7 – maternity leave, 9 – parental leave.


Let’s say you are processing payroll for July, and you have a record of sick leave in the e-sick leave overview, which starts on July 17, 2022, and ends on August 5, 2022. Now, instead of waiting until August to end this sick leave, you can allocate the entire duration of sick leave to the time account right away. The dates will then appear as follows:

Incapacity Start Date: July 17, 2022 End of Incapacity: July 17, 2022

Able to Work Again: August 6, 2022 End of Absence: August 5, 2022

With this entry, the system will generate payroll components only for the current month of July, and once you move to August, it will generate components for the remaining days automatically. For the example above, a total of nine days will be generated for sick leave in July, with seven days paid as sickness benefits. The remaining three days will be automatically paid in August.

And as a sneak peek, we are currently testing a feature for entering the start dates of absences in the future as well. We will keep you informed about its release in due course.