Video: HR Portal 2023

Imagine a simple and highly organized application that allows for efficient employee engagement in personnel matters, while also adapting to your needs and offering what your company truly needs and can utilize. We have it for you 😉 Get to know our HR portal and its functionalities:

Video in Czech language:

The enhanced HR Portal now includes these modules as well:

  • Bonuses – basics
  • This module allows you to enter up to 3 wage components through which bonuses are entered. Each component can have its own name and description. In addition to the approval workflow, it is also possible to set in which months the bonus is available.
  • Employee entry questionnaire
  • Chat
  • Requests
  • This is a general workflow system for approving various types of requests, with a specific form assigned to each request. It consists of approval rounds, with each form being approved by one approver within the round. In the basic solution, all employees can submit a request to all employees across companies, up to six approval rounds. The requester and the workflow administrator can edit the form, while other participants only approve/reject it – the system then displays the current status of the process and overviews of submitted and approved requests to all involved parties. Three forms are available by default: new employee onboarding (approval of a new job position), contract change, and termination of employment (both with the option to transfer approved changes to the personnel system).
  • The module is typically customized to fit each customer’s unique needs.