Human Resource Management in LITE version is coming

We are very pleased to bring you news regarding our Human Resource Management (HRM) module. We understand that many companies may find the entire HRM module too complex and therefore more challenging to implement. Therefore, we have made an important modification and split the module into four separate parts that you can implement individually.

The new module called HRM Lite allows you to use the benefits and functionalities of Human Resource Management in a simplified form. You can easily implement the necessary parts of the HRM system and at the same time reduce the cost of their acquisition.

You can now purchase the HRM LITE modules in the following ranges:

Systemization and job description

The module enables the processing of job descriptions and their hierarchical integration into the organizational structure. The content of the job description is a description of work activities and responsibilities in free text and on the basis of a defined catalogue of work activities, description of qualification requirements, risk factors and other factors and requirements affecting the work of the employee in the job position.

The job description can be further refined at the level of a specific job in the organizational structure, the structure can be used to define the superiority and subordination of the assigned employees, it is possible to print the job description form or export the data for graphical presentation in MS Visio.

In combination with the Training module, it is possible to process the comparison of qualifications with the output to the training plan.

In combination with the Equipment/Working aids module, job equipment requirements can be defined.


The module allows you to define a training plan and then create and operate training events/courses. It thus extends the possibilities of the training records in the basic records of the HR module to include the bulk entry of training courses and the planning, monitoring and evaluation of training requirements.

Combined with the Systemization and Job Descriptions module, it enables the generation of a training plan based on a comparison of qualification requirements.

Equipment/working aids

The module allows you to track the use of work equipment – typically work equipment, safety and protective equipment, but it is also possible to define other types of entitlements, such as benefits.

The basis of the module is the definition of an equipment catalogue, whereby it is possible to define user permissions for types of equipment and thus divide the records between different processors.

For allocated equipment, it is possible to monitor the expiry of the allocation and the actual end of the use of the equipment.

In combination with the Systemisation and Job Description module, it is possible to define the equipment usage entitlements of jobs and compare the entitlement and usage status of employees.


The module adds to the personnel register the possibility to record employee activities – term activities with the possibility of free text description and the possibility of performance evaluation.

In combination with the Systemization and Job Description module, it is possible to create an activity plan – sequences of activities linked to a job or position, which can be used to assign a comprehensive package of activities to an employee, for example, as part of onboarding.